Welcome to the Luxembourg Life Sciences Association (L.I.S.A. asbl)

The Luxembourg Life Sciences Association aims at

  • Developing and promoting life sciences in the Luxembourgish research institutions.
  • Facilitating the exchange and meeting between researchers and students in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.
  • Establishing national and international collaboration in life sciences and associated topics.
  • Integrating technological innovations in the various Luxembourgish research institutions.
  • Organizing events, such as conferences, symposia and workshops in relation with its activities.

LISA acts as an umbrella association for thematic working groups in life sciences. While these working groups are self-organizing and financially independent, they benefit from the legal entity provided by the association.

(excerpt from the Mission Statement (PDF))

Currently, LISA features two workgroups:

  • LuciLinX - the Luxembourg Bioinformatics Network (website)
  • Biolux - Connecting Researchers (website)

Contact Us

Please write to: "lisaadmin AT lucilinx.lu"